Roy Butler December 26, l993 Lambeau Leap


Leap Premium Vodka was founded by Packers’ Hall of Fame Safety LeRoy Butler together with

Steve Schulz, Chris Welch, Jason Quenzer and Collin Schulz. Our inspiration was born from

the end zone celebration LeRoy invented on December 26, 1993.


When LeRoy leaped into the stands to share the experience of his first professional touchdown,

he gave fans an opportunity to enjoy the moment as much as he did. Since then, the

celebration has spread across other teams, other stadiums and other

sports to become one of the most iconic in history.


Like the endzone celebration for which it is named, the mission of Leap Premium Vodka is to provide a

great experience that can be shared with others. We will never compromise our commitment

to produce a vodka that has a clean, smooth finish.


We are proud to provide Wisconsin a local, top-shelf option over national and international brands.

We might be the underdog against their big money and big marketing budgets but we don’t

mind. Like our Wisconsin sports teams, we do not need to be the biggest to be the best.

Our promise to you is that we will provide hall-of-fame caliber flavor in every bottle. We combine

the finest Midwestern ingredients with a state-of-the-art distilling and purification process

to deliver a superb flavor that goes down easy. You won’t be hit with the burning

aftertaste that plagues other vodka brands.

Leap Premium Vodka is a great choice for you and your friends to enjoy on any occasion. Be the

hero of your next party or tailgate and take the LEAP.